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Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News
Mammal Mama introduces Milk Booster. The glycerin-based liquid herbal extract is formulated to help animals safely increase milk production.

Mammal Mama presents Suckle Soother, an emollient, moisturizing, certified USDA organic salve formulated to promote the healing of sores, tears and abrasions on dry, chapped teats.

 Mammal Mama Suckle Soother product review
Natural Home Magazine - September/October 2007
Relieve mother pets or farm animals with Mammal Mama's Suckle Soother. This salve also heals minor cuts and insect bites.

Mammal Mama Milk Booster & Suckle Soother product review
Organic Products Retailer - September 2007
Two new herbal-based products made with certified organic ingredients for the special needs of breeding mammals, dairy-producing animals and family pets.

Progressive Dairy Publishing - November 2006
Herbal company launches organic product to boost milk production
Mammal Mama, a new company devoted to helping mammals increase milk production, will launch two initial products in the coming weeks designed for the special needs of dairy-producing animals. The products will both be made with certified organic herbs and will not contain any synthetic ingredients or artificial preservatives.

mammal mama milk booster press release

American's Bridle & Bit October 2007 press release
MAMMAL MAMA Introduces USDA Certified Organic Pet Care Product.

American's Bridle & Bit October 2006 press release
Mammal Mama launches the first liquid herbal-based, all natural products specifically designed to help animals increase milk production.

American's Bridle & Bit September 2006 press release
Mammal Mama, a new company devoted to helping mammals increase milk production.