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Milk Booster

Mammal Mama Milk Booster - Natural organic herbal products to increase low milk supply for lactating animals.

Nourish with Nature!
KOF-K Certified Kosher
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If your animals experience decreased lactation Milk Booster is the product you need to quickly increase milk production. Milk Booster contains certified organic herbs of goat's rue leaf, fenugreek seed, blessed thistle leaf, fennel seed, and nettle leaf in vegetable glycerin and deionized water. Manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility.

This easy to use concentrated liquid herbal extract is sold in unbreakable, recyclable plastic bottles for safe use with outdoor animals.

Milk Booster has the potency of an alcohol extract and the palatability of a glycerin-based product. Most glycerin-based products use glycerin and water as the extractives, which result in fewer active constituents in the product. Our herbs are extracted in ethyl alcohol and deionized water to produce the highest quality extract. The alcohol is slowly steamed off and then replaced with naturally sweet tasting vegetable glycerin.

Determined by the weight of the animal, Milk Booster can be effectively dosed for smaller breeder rabbits to large dairy animals. It is easily administered by drops fed directly into the mouth, or by the teaspoon on feed or alfalfa cubes. You know exactly how much is administered and consumed, more so than with dried herbs mixed into feed.

Recommended initial dosing
Smaller animals: 2 drops per 10 lbs. twice daily
Larger animals : tsp per 100 lbs. twice daily

The herbs in Mammal Mama’s Milk Booster have been given safely and effectively to lactating animals, but please observe your animal for any adverse effect. You may increase the dose if you do not see desired results within 48 hours.

According to Greg Tilford, author of “Herbs for Pets” and “Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats”
“Glycerin is metabolized in a manner similar to a triglyceride; not a sugar, which means it can be used safely in animals with alcohol sensitivity or in those with diabetes.”

Advantages of a liquid herbal extract

  • Quality: no heat is necessary. Herb quality is lost with heat processing and in dried herb powdered herbs.
  • Potency: maximum potency with smaller amounts than dried herbs, which take larger amounts to achieve adequate dosage.
  • Absorbability: herbal constituents are quickly carried into the body so they usually work faster and more effectively.
  • Shelf Life: liquid herbal extracts maintain their quality for several years if kept out of sunlight and extreme heat. No refrigeration is necessary.

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